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I worked with RED team as Opera Software CIS marketing director. It’s an effective, fast working team, ready to implement any technical and creative ideas. We launched lots of mobile campaigns in CIS countries and countless number of really great mobile ads. I want to thank RED managers for their professionalism and also for their great support. It was a pleasure to work with you, guys!

Alexandra Lartey,
Opera Software
Centrum Hewelianum

I had an opportunity to work with RED. They developed the tools for XL Digital Service mobile marketing campaigns, and were responsible for web development and data integration. Their agile delivery process, flexibility, quality and communication are impressive.

Adi Utomo,
XL Digital Service
Centrum Hewelianum

Case studies


We have launched an online store for Szachownica, a clothing brand native to Poland that has over 60 branches spread across the country. This company is comparable to the fashion giants of H & M and Forever 21, which sells stylish clothing at competetive prices and is a household name for many in Poland. Their special featurs are numerous: exciting new designs released every week, the sheer variety of sizes offered from XXS to XXL as well as a fully integrated loyalty plan that allows shoppers to collect points and spend them both online and in store.

Szachownica is growing at an unprecendented rate and as such they have expanded their presence onto the internet in cooperation with RED. This website has proven to make affordable clothing readily available to shoppers from the comfort of their own homes. With the “lookbook,” a type of scrolling gallery that shows outfits on models and prices, and the store finder feature, which helps shoppers locate local stores, shopping at Szachownica has become a simple luxury for the younger audience that searches to satisfy their desire for trendy clothing.

Internet Love Story

A fresh idea was brought to the table, to develop a website and campaign that promoted an Internet Love Story for Opera for Android in Indonesia. With cooperation between us, our client, moviemakers, and YouTubers, we delivered something really special for Valentine’s Day.

With an extremely tight schedule, we had to development a website and campaign for mobile devices that was aimed at mobile users. This project was completed in two phases.

In phase one, we designed and developed a website that showed an unfinished film that was directed by Salman Aristo and written by Gina S. Noer and Diva Apresya. Five renowned YouTubers were invited to make their own endings to the film. Users could vote on alternative enedings using interactive poll.

In phase two, visitors had the option to enter competitions and share information on social media. By the end of the campaign, the team published the ending that was kept in secret before.

Throughout the project, we collected data to understand the performance of the campaign. The results were great. In the period of one month, the campaign generated more than 500,000 page visits and about 400,000 users watched the video.

Ossolineum Publishing House

Besides its impressive sounding name, Ossolineum sports another unique quality: history. This publishing house is over 200 years old and in that time has garnered a golden reputation from the citizens of Poland. Ossolineum has in the past carried the most famous classical literature from all over the world. They are now expanding to include more contemporary works that equal in impact. With the diversification of their collection, they are now in need of a to display their new additions. The job of organizing a website for this expansion was given to us.

Our vision was of simplicity. Such a historic, highly-regarded establishment required a sort of regal touch. We added an image gallery categorized by different departments in the Ossolineum. The light colors as background added to this minimalist look. In sum, the outcome was very sleek. This was a major step in communications for the publishing house as now potential customers can be always be informed even from afar of new releases and upcoming events. This projects highlights the fact that even iconic, ancient figures with many years of experience and reputation must adapt to the growing relevance of the internet.

Warstwy - e-commerce for publishing house

We have recently collaborated with Warstwy, a Polish publishing house located in Wrocław to create an online store where custumers have access to hundreds of rich, avantgarde literature, written by underrated authors with contemporarily relevant ideas. They have made it their business to rediscover local culture through art, literature and prose as well as creations from all over Poland. Using a minimalist design, we have structured their website to foil their content-rich book descriptions. Some notable features include: a clean, scrolling action, an easy-to-navigate one-page main site as well as an export link to the actual bookstore. With the creation of this website, Warstwy will be able to not only offer customers easier access to their favorite books, but they also have a universal space to share new award-winning literature as well as unveil their fascinating creators.

Vodafone promotional campaign

For Vodafone, we have prepared a series of promotional campaigns for mobile phones. The campaigns were aimed at promoting Vodafone services. Given the specificity of the market, the mobile websites created for the needs of campaign were adapted not only to smartphones but also to low end devices (Symbian, Java) equipped with simple web browsers.


The first in Poland, novel web site supporting pig farmers. It collects the knowledge about pig farming and current market quotations. It offers online production tools and interactive applications facilitating the breeding management which have been thus far available only in a form of fixed applications. It gives the possibility of keeping the records of breeding and specialist analysis of its parameters. The portal also encompasses a mobile app for the Android system. The access to the portal resources is provided for a subscription fee.

From the Diary of a Young Doctor

“When being a young doctor, I was once visited by a patient.” Those words were the beginning of a legendary radio programme entitled “Z pamiętnika młodej lekarki” [From the Diary of a Young Doctor] by Ewa Szumańska. For the Memory and Future Centre, we have created a virtual historical exhibition devoted to this citizen of Wrocław who rendered a lot to the Polish culture. The exhibition shows unique pictures, documents, and selected recordings of legendary broadcasts.

Online shop for Five o’clock

Lu You, worshipped by the Chinese as the god or Sage of tea, once wrote: the quality of tea is a decision made by the mouth. And you? Have you decided on your favourite tea? A new online shop for Five o’clock will surely help you in this decision as it offers teas from appreciated tea plantations in China, Japan, India, Ceylon, and Africa, as well as the top quality coffee. The shop also offers partnership program for clients and professional advice.


A platform that combines the web currency exchange office with foreign exchange market as the first one in Poland. It encompasses the function of traditional currency exchange office with the possibility of currency exchange between the website and users, and the currency exchange between the website users. Shared client’s account enables both transactions and unrestricted trading in held funds. In addition, it offers other friendly options such as automatic repayment of credit instalments, postponed transactions, standing orders, calculators of benefits, and many others. Those options are guarded by high quality security devices and mechanisms that guarantee reliable, secure and quick transactions.


The website devoted to Stanisław Vincenz, the author of the series entitled On the High Uplands, created within the project of “Digital archives of Stanisław Vincenz” in the National Programme for the Development of the Humanities. It includes biographic materials, catalogue of works, inventory of manuscripts, virtual library, and photo galleries. It introduces and guides the users through the artistic work of Stanisław Vincenz.


Red is an experienced and continuously developing software house.

Since 2002, we have been operating in the market of web services. We specialise in the development of advanced interactive solutions and the Internet marketing in its broad sense. We develop e.g. websites, portals, e-shops, applications, and services for mobile devices, e-commerce applications, multimedia and film presentations. We have an ambition to create functional solutions with the use of the most innovative technologies and state-of-the-art design.

We work for institutions, corporations, and SMEs. We implemented our projects in more than 50 countries on five continents, in several dozen languages, and in numerous different cultures.
The diversity of our experience means that we are not afraid of new challenges and are not driven away by unusual ideas. We care about good atmosphere of cooperation, which - when combined with the clients’ needs, the most recent trends and our experience - results in a good and unique product.

Interested in our services? Contact us.

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